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Japanese Sweets Buffet

I’ve seen ads about this sweets buffet since forever. Today I really wanted to try it.

And I wanted to experiment with posting via iPhone. so here you go some pictures:



What impresses me about Japanese themed restaurants in Singapore is the blend of western and Japanese concepts. The pizza, originated from Italy, is distinctly Japanese with the salmon and crab fillings and wasabi coating, definitely tailored to the Asian taste. The neighboring restaurant employs a similar concept, where spaghetti is topped with Japanese ingredients and flavors and seafood. Even hawker centers here in Singapore are following the same concept. The western spaghetti dish sold for $3 or so can be requested with chili sauce spicy enough to burn your lips and stimulate your tears – that is if you request too much, as I always do.

My first time in life updating a post through iPhone. That brings infinite joy, indeed.


Just a side note, the waiters here are all guys, and they are quite cute.

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