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Job Advertisement for Sales Executive in Singapore

  • We expect you to go forth into the concrete jungle of Singapore and hunt down new customers with your wit, charm and smiles.
  • We expect you to keep existing customers happy with your wit, charm and smiles (yeah, we mean it). You can throw cookies in if you like. (Not on company‚Äôs expense)
  • We need someone with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. This means you have to have the charm of a kitten and win us over. This means we should not want to throw a stapler at your head the moment you walk into the office.
  • Applicants have to be born and bred on the sunny humid shores of Singapore. Or if you have earned enough perspiration points to become an Permanent Resident, we welcome you too.
Be sure to dress up in a halloween kitten costume for this!


I will be extremely busy with traveling and searching for my soul in the following month. I won’t have time to blog even though I have an overflow of juices to pour out.

Stay tuned for September issues.

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