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These Killer Eyes

Whenever I flash back the event I recently¬†attended, I’m stung, once again, by these killer eyes.

When I met the speaker close up, I felt as if I had just been blinded by a laser beam or struck by the sun hanging in mid sky at noon in Sahara Dessert, where a royal princess emerged riding her camel.


Cleopatra came alive, this time with bigger eyes

Cleopatra came alive.

Her eyes were so enormous and seductive that these were probably the one and only thing I took away from the talk, aside from the notes I took. Gaze at her for one second and you’d sense an irresistible force of being swallowed right into her eyes.

Her eye makeup further exaggerated the outline of her naturally enormous, distinctively Bollywood eyes.

I’ve never seen eyes like hers, never ever in the last two decades plus of my life.

Sitting in the last row, I found her voice affable. Coming up close, her eyes immediately drew a stark contrast against her affable voice and presentation style. The presence she exuded in front of me was so overwhelmingly magnetic, all attributed to her pair of inhuman, egg-size eyes.

Her eyes swallowed me.

They evoked intimidation in a girl. What kind of response would they elicit in a guy? Sexual? These eyes were bound to spellbind and confound.

Contenders in the animal kingdom for these eyes:

Gold Winner: "I win!"

Runner Up

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