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These Killer Eyes

Whenever I flash back the event I recently attended, I’m stung, once again, by these killer eyes.

When I met the speaker close up, I felt as if I had just been blinded by a laser beam or struck by the sun hanging in mid sky at noon in Sahara Dessert, where a royal princess emerged riding her camel.


Cleopatra came alive, this time with bigger eyes

Cleopatra came alive.

Her eyes were so enormous and seductive that these were probably the one and only thing I took away from the talk, aside from the notes I took. Gaze at her for one second and you’d sense an irresistible force of being swallowed right into her eyes.

Her eye makeup further exaggerated the outline of her naturally enormous, distinctively Bollywood eyes.

I’ve never seen eyes like hers, never ever in the last two decades plus of my life.

Sitting in the last row, I found her voice affable. Coming up close, her eyes immediately drew a stark contrast against her affable voice and presentation style. The presence she exuded in front of me was so overwhelmingly magnetic, all attributed to her pair of inhuman, egg-size eyes.

Her eyes swallowed me.

They evoked intimidation in a girl. What kind of response would they elicit in a guy? Sexual? These eyes were bound to spellbind and confound.

Contenders in the animal kingdom for these eyes:

Gold Winner: "I win!"

Runner Up


Difference between Seduction and Manipulation

I’m pretty much not catering to the reader’s interests since no one really reads my blog. I don’t care that much since this is a blog for me to ventilate, not for making myself famous in the eyes of the beholders. Indeed (my favorite word of the week), I’ve somehow collected 18 country flags. Yet I’ve noticed many of them only lingered on my page for…zero second. Were they all googlebot or were they just plain bored, horrified at what I had to say? Some did stay on my page for 20 minutes or more. That, I appreciate a lot. What I don’t appreciate is the mere lack of comments. Right, when I visit others’ blogs, I rarely leave comments.

So to get to the stage where people feel compelled to leave comments will require a bit of struggle and talent.

But as I mentioned before, this blog is purely for ventilation purposes.

art of seductionToday I’d like to discuss the book I’m reading:  Art of Seduction by Robert Greene. I haven’t really identified myself with any of the seducers, yet I’ve identified myself with many of the victim types. The gist of seducing someone is to create an illusion. You should always maintain a certain distance and remain mysterious so the counterpart never loses interest in you. It’s crucial to arouse curiosity and excitement at all times, as the book details.

That is common sense. I suppose that’s why I’ve been able to “steal” temporarily certain guys’ hearts, mainly because I move from place to place and rarely allow others to really get to know me. Sometimes it’s comforting to me that the guy tends to create some sort of fantasy for someone that doesn’t even exist in reality. And I happen to be the scapegoat to fulfill that fantasy.

I’ve never even experienced the traditional type of break up between a guy and a girl, where the relationship ends due to incompatibility and conflicts.

Each and every time I break up with a guy, it’s attributed to the elongation of distance.

For me, it’s not something in my control. So I wouldn’t call it seduction.

That book should be titled Art of Manipulation instead. Why? Seduction is natural and based on mutual attraction, whether it is physical or mental, normally physical. If you pull a one-nighter with someone, that is based on mutual consent and seduction. You can’t help it if you happen to seduce someone the right way at the right time in the right place, right?? However, if you seduce someone purposely and trick that person into falling for you, that is called manipulation.

So the difference between seduction and manipulation lies in that the former is natural, permissible, uncontrollable, whereas the latter is intentional, destructive, and should be outlawed and punished.

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